Community Profile: Beatriz Loera

Apr 19, 2023 | Environment & Health

Beatriz Loera, Parent Organizer, Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC)


As a parent, Beatriz Loera became involved in community organizing to support the education of her children and defend the rights of working families in San Bernardino.

Loera helps support a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of parents in San Bernardino that have been supporting low-income families during the coronavirus pandemic with Know Your Rights (KYR) information related to civil liberties and housing rights, as well as providing masks, food and hand sanitizers to households.

Nutrition and resources are a priority for many families currently, says Loera, who empathizes with mothers who are struggling to feed their children.

“It’s worrying for me to see the needs of families living in San Bernardino,” says Loera.

Loera believes that the rapid response support ICUC is providing families during this difficult period is “leadership through example.” She says more parents are more determined to work with important stakeholders and leaders to bring economic and social change for San Bernardino families.

“This little bit of help is not only proof that they can count on our support during these hard times, but also an indication that they can directly make a difference in their community. The power is within them to make that change.”